Dudum7 (dudum7) wrote,

sweet21: it's the best radio ever - you can personalize it - create stations to your taste - and skip songs that you don't like


sweet21: it'll open and ask you to type in a song or artist,go with an artist
sweet21: and then it'll pop a song from that artist
sweet21: and then every song after should be similiar to that genre
sweet21: and you can skip it if you don' tlike it
sweet21: and you can vote thumps up or down so you keep in the cycle
sweet21: and they'll replay it if you tell them that you like it

http://www.ksoftware.net/pandorabrowse/ [download this for a smaller browser and it's all free]

---if u register, u can save ur station and view other people station...try it out...me cuz recommends it =)
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